Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sorority Community Service Recommendation Letter I Have An Interest In Joining Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.. ?

I have an interest in joining alpha kappa alpha sorority, inc.. ? - sorority community service recommendation letter

I would like to join the Alpha Kappa Alpha fraternity at my school and I want to tackle all my ducks in a row before even attempting to address this problem .. Can anyone help? Ive got all the information about the brothers and sisters, she has received letters of recommendation online, my grades are good, but my service to the community, which has been missing since last year, he transferred schools. . I just want to ensure that there is no doubt about his extended an invitation to the guild ..


prettyak... said...

You can use any community service he over the last two years made before the end. Just make sure to fill the person in the community service he did in the form of charitable work. You can type in 3.

Victoria... said...

The service is definitely a must for every company in the black Greek Divine Nine. It's great that you were in service-oriented school. I'm almost 100% sure that (they wait for you new on the recent experiences of volunteers in your community school have). I know people who had promised all the features, characteristics, abilities and recommendations, but no service and are not selected (which sucks). If you do not do something, tell me at least, that his plan to find volunteers (who aspire to a mentor for Big Bro / Big Sis, etc.) I do not know whether they like it or not, but I know that some efforts are to succeed. Sounds like you're doing great. I would recommend him go once, if I did :-)

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